I state: The owner, operator and creator of everything on this website, Crystal Sikes is not a licensed Physician, Doctor or Dietitian. All information you obtain will be directly from the owner, operator and creators own experiences. It is in the best interest for anyone looking to start a fitness/nutrition
program to consult a physician before doing so; it would be wise to have
blood work done, and a physical done by a licensed physician. Before
submitting this application, please read and understand the following:
You, the purchaser, completely and entirely understand that you may injure yourself as a result of participation in a new nutrition/fitness program, and
hereby release Crystal Sikes and the company Lady Savage LLC from any liability
now or in the future for any injury, including but not limited to heart attacks,
muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splint, heat prostration,
bodily injuries, illness, or death however caused, occurring during or after
your participation in our nutrition/fitness program offered. By agreeing at check out, you state that in consideration of your participation in this
nutrition/fitness program, you for yourself, your personal representatives,
administrators, heirs and assigns, hereby holds harmless, Crystal Sikes and Lady Savage LLC from any claims arising from your participation in the
nutrition/fitness program offered. By agreeing at check out, you confirm
that you have read and have been honest with Crystal Sikes and Lady Savage LLC also fully understand the above information. You have been
given the opportunity to present questions in all related matters. By agreeing
to this information, you also release any rights to your photos/videos allowing
Lady Savage LLC to use them for promotional purposes in the future
unless stated otherwise by you. In addition, by agreeing to these terms you
also verify your understanding that there are no guaranteed refunds
provided for these services, however a refund can be negotiated based on
Lady Savage LLC’s discretion in certain circumstances.

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